Military experience, civilian experience as a practicing bankruptcy lawyer, and a long history of working on city commissions/boards. What sets Marcus apart from the other candidates is his proven leadership history. As a retired Army LTC and combat veteran, Marcus has been responsible for the lives of hundreds of soldiers and millions of dollars in assets under the most demanding environments and circumstances. He has served in various command and staff positions. Staff positions require planning, preparation and execution of orders to reach a common goal/end-state. This in a way is not much different than being council member working with other council members and staff to make our city even better for all of us.

On the civilian side, Marcus is a bankruptcy lawyer representing debtors, creditors, and trustees. He has handled 100s of reorganizing chapters of bankruptcy. He has negotiated with creditor committees to ultimately reorganize businesses. In doing this, he is required to deal with budgets, priorities and competing interests, while coming up with solutions that are win-win for all stakeholders under the circumstances.

A cursory review of Marcus’  civic involvement speaks for itself. Uniquely, Marcus did not just pick a couple of activities to add to a resume for an eventual run for council. Over the last 14 years he has volunteered his time and skills as follows:

  • [2004-2014] Former Culver City Planning Commissioner (2-Term & Past Chair)

  • [2002- Present] Member Fiesta La Ballona committee member (Past Chair)

  • [2016-Present] Centennial Celebration Time Capsule Subcommittee Chair

  • [2017-Present] Founding member Rancho Higuera Neighborhood Association

  • [2017-Present] Member Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee (Culver City Unified School District)

Experience Counts…

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