What’s Marcus’ Leadership Philosophy

Knowing the political philosophy of any candidate can be just as valuable as the recitation of where each candidate stands on any issue. The candidate’s philosophy gives a peek into how the candidate, if elected, will evaluate and decide on a multitude of issues that will come up. Marcus’ political philosophy he says is not complex, but it is based on his strong belief in collaboratively working together for common goals, encouraging participation from various view points, and most important, listening to all sides without being forced politically or personally to prematurely take one side. At the end, not being afraid to decide.

“Solutions don’t just come from one person’s idea, but from a careful review of the facts, full participation by residents and other stakeholders, consideration of counter arguments, and trying to build a consensus without losing sight of of the common goal–Quality of Life and Safety of all residents.”

What sets Marcus apart from the other candidates is his proven leadership abilities in and outside Culver City, his breadth of experience working on various city commissions/committees for a common goal, and time-tested ability to work as a team with others, regardless of differing political or social views. A snapshot of Marcus’ priorities are:

Increased Neighborhood Participation

Encouraging neighborhoods to actively participate in the process to build on our great quality of life through identifying hidden issues and providing valuable input to make our city even better.

Public Safety

Our Police and Fire Department’s selfless dedication and service keep us safe 24/7. Ensure they have the resources to maintain the response times we have come to expect and other communities envy.

Responsive Government

Building on transparency in government. Staying ahead of issues by being proactive vs. reactive. The needs of our city are ever changing with the increase in density, traffic and population. Keeping people connected with government through technology helps greatly but government must give people a reason to be connected with government and feel their voice will be heard.

Enhanced Service for our Children and Seniors

Our kids and seniors are so important to what makes Culver City. They are our future and legacy! They have needs that we cannot and Marcus will not lose sight of if elected. This is not just a domain of the School District or our Parks Recreation & Community Services Dept. Establishing a task force including children, their parents and Senior committees as members to discuss what additional resources/services are really needed to improve on the quality of life is a passion of Marcus.

 “Our children and seniors depend on elected officials to provide a clear vision to continue our quality of life that is the underpinning for our vibrant city which all should have a voice.”