• Professional


    Marcus is a bankruptcy lawyer, well respected by colleges and judges alike. He was admitted to the California Bar in 1989 and practices before the United States Bankruptcy Court, District Courts, and U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit. Mr. Tiggs has exclusively practiced in the bankruptcy area..READ MORE

  • Formative Years

    Formative Years

    As an adult I still hold dear to my heart when I say, I am going to do something, I do it even if if takes extra hard work. Though I grew up in Leimert Park my ties to Culver City are long and strong. More than..READ MORE

  • Education


    Post secondary school I told my parents I want to be a firefighter. That didn’t go over well, not because of the the profession, but because they said, “you are going to go to college and if you want to do that after, that’s fine”. So I..READ MORE

  • Why Culver City

    Why Culver City

    Quality of Life is why we all moved here Culver City schools are part of the bedrock of what makes Culver City Our parks and community events/activities Police and Fire keep us safe Small Town Feel gives a real sense of community The early 1990’s was when my wife, Monica..READ MORE

  • Volunteerism


    By 2003 we had just passed the decade mark of being Culver City-ites. My family and I loved the city that we called home. We weren’t newcomers, but by no stretch could we be considered longtime residents. Some long-timers would politely correct me when I said I’ve..READ MORE

  • Military


    My military career as a field artillery officer (active and reserve) spanned over 25 years, taking me to various foreign lands (some hospitable with others sheer chaos).  I have commanded troops in the battery and battalion level and have held various battalion and division staff positions. This..READ MORE

Growing up, Marcus’ family instilled the values that helped him become the person he is today. Through hard work, education and a great investment of time, Marcus has become a proven leader and a valuable member of the Culver City community.

8 years on the Planning Commission (Past Chair) [2004-2012]
12 years on the Fiesta La Ballona Committee (Chair, consecutive years 2016 & 2017)
Member, Culver City Centennial Celebration Committee (Time Capsule Subcommittee Chair)
Member, Culver City Unified School District Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC)
Founding Member, Rancho Higuera Neighborhood Association

Hearing the call to serve as a councilperson, Marcus knew it was time to dedicate himself to a higher cause and become a public servant. Unlike other decisions in his past, Marcus describes it as a calling to do what was right.

“I don’t volunteer expecting any special recognition or as a platform to some other position, I do it because I feel if I have something to offer for the city I love, enhance the quality of life, then if I am wanted, I will be there, roll-up my sleeves and help get the work done.”

Together with his family, the decision was made to take this journey one more time. Marcus unsuccessfully ran in 2016 for a council seat and when asked, why are you putting yourself through this again he said

“I am a fighter for what I believe in! I believe in our city and still have a lot to offer to build on its diverse, cultural and economic vitality.”