Inglewood Oil Fields:Safety First!

If elected, my number one responsibility is the health and safety of our residents and I do not take this lightly. There cannot be any shortcuts with safety. As combat veteran responsible for soldiers’ lives, I take this responsibility to heart! I don’t claim to be an environmental expert, but what I do claim is I am not willing to take [...] Continue reading

Affordable/Workforce Housing

The workforce housing shortage is a quality-of-life issue. This housing shortage cannot be solved by government alone. Land is simply too expensive, and cities don’t build homes---the private sector does. The city has attempted to increase the affordable housing stock, but most say the numbers are too small. Examples are our Renters Assistance (“RAP”) and Family Self-Sufficiency (“FSS”) programs which [...] Continue reading

Traffic and Mobility

All of us are feeling the impact of more traffic. There are no easy solutions and I will not pretend to have a perfect solution! I will however say a couple of things. Let’s start with “low-tech” and deploy traffic control officers on 2-3 congested intersections during peak-hours. I refuse to believe this will not work. Let’s do a test …

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General Plan Update

Our city blueprint is pretty dusty…some elements of the general plan haven’t been updated since 1968. How our city has changed! This blueprint guides future development while documenting our long-range vision and establish goals and objectives to take us through the next 20 to 30 years. I strongly feel we must leverage all neighborhood associations, the business community, and other …

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