Our city blueprint is pretty dusty…some elements of the general plan haven’t been updated since 1968. How our city has changed! This blueprint guides future development while documenting our long-range vision and establish goals and objectives to take us through the next 20 to 30 years.

I strongly feel we must leverage all neighborhood associations, the business community, and other stakeholders to help us get the word out that, “if you care about Culver City, this is time to get active and participate”.

This will be the first time all elements are updated at the same time, aligning the entire Culver City General Plan with today’s and tomorrow’s community conditions and needs. The update process starts with the review of consultant proposals, consultant interviews and the ultimate consultant selection estimated to be in summer 2018.

If elected I will champion government transparency so we give all residents and stakeholders a reason to be active in the discussions on what is included in the new general plan. With such an important endeavor.