All of us are feeling the impact of more traffic. There are no easy solutions and I will not pretend to have a perfect solution! I will however say a couple of things. Let’s start with “low-tech” and deploy traffic control officers on 2-3 congested intersections during peak-hours. I refuse to believe this will not work. Let’s do a test run and entertain feedback from residents. Now how about some high-tech stuff like partnering with Uber Movement. This platform would give our city real-time trip data to leverage it to help us mitigate traffic congestion and make smart investments on future infrastructure projects.

If elected, I will be vigilant in making sure projects that impact our city pay and make real mitigation measures to our traffic problems (not just window dressings like re-striping roadways).

We can make alternative modes of travel easier and safer (i.e. improved bus schedules/routes, micro transit and other mobility modalities). I firmly believe part of the traffic problem is from lack of parking. Use of street sensors like those used in Santa Monica, Westwood, and West Hollywood would help to inform drivers where an available space is (from an app). This in turn will reduce parking on residential streets by people conducting business in adjacent commercial corridors.