Post secondary school I told my parents I want to be a firefighter. That didn’t go over well, not because of the the profession, but because they said, “you are going to go to college and if you want to do that after, that’s fine”. So I got accepted to Pepperdine University, joined Army ROTC, graduated with a double major (Broadcasting and French), and got pinned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army. You ask why French, well my mother is French, bien sûr! After my active Army active duty, I said what in the world am I going to do with my degrees or my Army experience as a Field Artillery officer in civilian life. Not too much, so off to law school I went. I graduated from UWLA School of Law (yes when it was in Culver City) and passed the bar the first go round and became a young attorney practicing bankruptcy law, which I still do today.

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