By 2003 we had just passed the decade mark of being Culver City-ites. My family and I loved the city that we called home. We weren’t newcomers, but by no stretch could we be considered longtime residents. Some long-timers would politely correct me when I said I’ve been in Culver City a long time. I was corrected with the comment, “Marcus, no you haven’t, I’ve been here a long time 30 years and counting…PLUS, what have you done for the city?” I thought, well I can’t change the time I’ve lived here but they were right, as of then there wasn’t much I could say I did for the betterment of our great city. That I could change, and I did…first applying for and being selected to be a member of the Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee. My first taste of working with other Culver City residents for a common goal. We were tasked with making recommendations for the use of certain public safety block grants for improvements to the Police Headquarters and upgrading the emergency radio systems (which was creatively tied into the funding for the sewage emergency notification system). Then to follow:

Former Planning Commissioner (8 years and Past Chair)
12 years and counting on the Fiesta La  Ballona Committee (Chair, consecutive years 2016 & 2017)
Board Member, Culver City Centennial Celebration Committee (Subcommittee Chair, Time Capsule subcommittee)
Member, Culver City Unified School District Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

I don’t volunteer expecting any special recognition or as a platform to some other position, I do it because I feel if I have something to offer the city I love, enhance the quality of life, then if I am wanted, I will be there, roll-up my sleeves and help get the job done.




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