Quality of Life is why we all moved here
Culver City schools are part of the bedrock of what makes Culver City
Our parks and community events/activities
Police and Fire keep us safe
Small Town Feel gives a real sense of community

The early 1990’s was when my wife, Monica and I were ready to buy a house. We were very young but knew we wanted to live in a safe area in the westside. We looked at so many houses things started to get blurry! One day we said maybe we need look other than the westside. So off we were to the valley, to Long Beach, to the Southbay, to Orange County and the list went on. We were at a point saying to ourselves, maybe it’s time to take a break on the house hunting thing and stay in our small Westwood apartment until we regained our energy. Low and behold, a close friend said,

“Culver City is going to be your best bet because its centrally located, you are very familiar with the area, good schools, top-notch public safety, small town feel…”.

Though we could buy a larger house for the same price we settled for a smaller house in the city we have called home for just over 25 years. One of the best decisions we could have made!

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